Worthy versus dependent



As always our own relations are reflecting our outer world. When we are waking up we can see that our world are led by cold, heartless psycopaths in the wanting of power over others with the consequense of a destructive world destroing itself and all life that lives upon it. 

We can see how we are dependent of these people and have to obey them so that we can survive, because they are in control of everything. They have taken our land from us in the first place so we have to pay them for living her, and we need to work for our survival so that we can pay for our food, our electricity and so on. 

The strange thing is that we don´t feel any admiration for this people. We don´t feel any solidarity.

We don´t feel any heartbased connection. We can´t feel any connection with them.They don´t care about us or the planet. They just rule and control our lives. But why are we letting them do so then?

We can see that we are more than them in fact. We can see that we are bigger. We can see that we are loving beings that only want good and love for all. We don´t want to destroy this planet. We can see them as heartless unhumain people just doing there jobs, always blaming someone else for doing their dirty fulfillments. We see and meet them everywhere in our societiy built structure of authorities, agencies, town halls, schools, "justice system", "healthcare", all that are empoyed by our state.

They are sitting in their positions, doing their jobs because they are fulfilling an agenda of putting people into obeying them, in their mind that we are lesser than them. This makes them feel good about themselves. They have power over others. They are telling us how we are supposed to behave so that we are not punished by them. They are telling us how to live our lives. But the only interest they have in us is for us to be obeying and not questioning them, not thinking people. Letting us to believe they know more about life than we do.

That they should know how we are supposed to live our lives. We are put into the position of just being slaves and workers in their system, in debt so that they always have their power over us.

They have taken our God given rights from us and are letting us to believe that they are gods having the right in doing so. We have to obey them, pay them and put ourselves in debt so that we can afford living here. Everything is constructed this way.

From early childhood we are taught by stereotyped non living, non thriving adults (that are themselves programmed in the same way from their childhood), how we are supposed to even play.

They want structure. They want soldiers. The thriving children who plays for joy naturally are learned how they should play by withering adults. This continues up in our school ages where we are taught how to be nonquestioning beings with the only purpose to

get us to be workers not being worthy living lives that are fulfilling, meaningful, joyful and lovebased. 

It is built up in separation. Letting us believe that we are separated from source, Our God selves as creators. As free beings having the right to live on this planet wherever we want to. Having the right to all what this planet are giving, such as land to live on, material to build our houses with, food to grow and eat without chemicals, water and free energy and so on. We have to understand that all this have been taken from us. This belongs to us. 

So even if I know this I still struggling in life. I struggle for my survival every day. I can see how everything in this world are upside down. Where the people who want to do good are not supported but instead punished. Where nothing that has to do with love and support are valued. 

I can see how I have lived my relationships in the exact way. As a women the most important for me has been to give love, to nurture and give care to others. To fill my home with life and loving vibrations that nurtures those who lives there and who comes to visit. To uplift others, making them feel loved, seen and appreciated. But none of this has been valued as something of importance. 

I have choosen to live depended of men to be able to support myself, always in a lack of money. I have chosen to be supported so that I haven´t had to struggle with this. So that I could put my effort in helping people instead. I thought this would make me feel safe. Make me feel free to do what I felt as important in my life. But I was totally wrong. It made me dependent of them and always in a state of fear of not fulfilling their requirements of me. This became my self-fulfilling prophecy. It was relations based of need in both directions. If I didn´t fulfill what was required of me I was standing there without a home and without enough money to survive by my own. This made me always live in a state of fear. A false illusion of safety and freedom.

So I asked myself, "How do I really want to live my life?" "Why am I not doing so then?"

And my answer was: "I´m not worthy". 

So my next question became: "Why am I not worthy?". And I realized that all was just a false illusion of who I thought I was. Why shouldn´t I be worthy?

Anyone who lives on this planet and want to give love, take care of others, take care of all life including animals and environment, all who wants the best for this planet should be the ones who really felt worthy. All who wants to share with others instead of taking from others should be the ones who knew their worthiness. 

All was just a big illusion that I had been programmed to believe. 

So this is what the ones who are ruling this world wants us to believe. This is their mission. Otherwise they wouldn´t stay in their positions. We wouldn´t put them there. 

It´s a big lie we are living in and we are brainwashed and programmed from early childhood to believe we are not being worthy. Now is the time to end this game.

We all have to KNOW deep inside the core of our being that we are worthy. The opposite of worthy is dependent. If we are not worthy we are dependent of others to fulfill our lives.

I don´t want that anymore.

So lets chake this false illusion off. It´s weightening us down.

It´s holding us back from our glory and our Divinity as Creators in our lives here on earth. 

Here´s an invocation I made in this matter. See if it resonates with you or make your own if you like. Feel it in your hearts as you say it. Know it deep inside the core of your being.

I am Free!

I am Worthy!

I have abundance of all that uplifts me in my life!

I cancel all contracts, agreements I have made in this life, previous lives, timelines, dimensions, realities all over and across universe that has to do with me not being worthy.

About guilt, being dependent, having to struggle for survival an to be in debt.

I cancel all false believes I have to all I have mentioned.  

I´m cancelling my obligation of carrying forward my ancestral lineage history concerning this and all cords and ties connecting me with this.

I cancel all false believes about men being more worthy than women.

I cancel all contracts and agreements made with men throughout history and future according this.

I am a Free Being. I am a Creator. I am Worthy. I am equal. I am Divine. 

This is irrevocable and permanantely in the name of God that I Am!

And so it is! 

Blessings and Love to you!