Why healers don´t heal you

Why healers don´t heal you

Why ”healers” don´t heal you and why many ”healers” have the biggest ego.

Healing can only occur when love is engaged. What actually happens when a healer heal you is the thought and believe in this thought that it is possible.

It is Not the healer that heals you.

It is YOU.

Because of ourselves as creators and sovereign beings in our creation of our own reality and destiny, no one but we ourselves are capable of healing us.

If we believe something else this is what we create as our reality, but the laws of universe and the true essense of ourselves knows this is not true.

The only thing that happens when we give our sovereign power of our own healing away in the hands of others is the belief that others have this power but not we ourselves.

This is a big big ego subject where we make ourselves small/smaller and helpless/powerless of our own capacity of healing and make others big/bigger than ourselves and with bigger powers than we have.

We are all created equal with the same powers and abilities. We only have forgotten this.

What happens when we turn ourselves to a healer for help is that we actually are saying,

”Help me, because I´m lost. I have forgotten who I am and how to heal myself. Do the work for me.

Can you please help me to learn how to love myself again, can you please love me, give me love because I have forgotten how to do this myself".


A dependency starts where the healer needs the patient/client to feel comfortable with him/her self and the patient/client need the healer in doing so. A healer needs the reflection and upliftment and love wich the patient gives them in gratitude for helping them. It´s the admiration that makes them feel good about themselves and better/superior than the patient/client.

So actually the client is doing equal ”healing” as the ”healer”. It is not a Divine healing taking place.

It is one of dependency in both directions.

Who would the healer be without anyone needed to be healed by them?

The patient/client is never going to heal permanently because he/she is believing the healing comes from the healer when it actually is the love and the believe in the healing that the healer is doing wich in the moment helped them. After a while both the healer and client are going to feel empty again and the issues are going to come back and they are needing eachother again because no one was healed in this way.

We are here to find out that no one is capable of healing us but ourselves.

No one and no thing outside of ourselves can do this. This is the separation from ourselves and the duality we have lived in for a very very long time, but now have come to remember.

We have spent a huge amount of money into the business of healers and the huge variations of different healing methods. It is a big big business involved in this, but it is coming to an end finally.

The job we have to do is an inside job and help each other to learn how to love ourselves again to find our way back to our own inner healing we all are capable of if we remember who we really are.