To love ourselves is crucial


When we see and understand how this Universe works we can see and understand ourselves in it and how we operate with/within in. We can see that all operates within the Law of balance/oness/fem/masculine, and how out of balance we really are.

Not just as individuals, but also as a collective race of humans.

Without the human race this planet should thrive.

We are the destructive force, the ones that destroys balance and Divine Order in everything!

The earth and the perfect balance of All Living things, the air and the waters. 

We are not living in alignment with the Universal Laws and think we know better, are beyond them.

This delicate web of intricate connections that maintain nature’s finely balanced equilibrium.

In our unconsciousness we are the most dangerous species living on this earth. In our unawareness we believe ourself to know best and better and in this ignorance and selfishness we kill and destroy everything that suppors us in our lives here.

But why?

How we treat our planet is only a reflection upon of how we treat ourselves, because it´s the same. Body=earth, feminine=physical.

Do we respect ourselves? Our bodies? The feminine within us? Do we love ourselves?

Are we disconnected with our feminine side within us? If so, our connection to earth is going to be the same. If we cannot love and honor our feminine side we cannot feel the connection to earth.

If we think there is a condition for being loved, for loving ourselves, for deserving love, we cannot be open for the Divine to give us love, because the feminine is to receive and there´s no conditions in this receiving. It´s just to relax and be open and willing of receiving. There is no action involved in this.

No have to´s must to´s or should do´s, because that is the masculine energy.

We are so inprogrammed with this believe that we don´t have the time to receive.

We are to busy in doing. Acting and action is a masculine energy.

Could you have one day of not doing anything? One hour? One moment? Of just being.

Could you do this without guilt? 

Then you could feel the feminine. You could feel your body and not your thoughts. You could feel the presence and the love that you are in that moment.

You could feel the connection to the earth, the physical.

In that moment you would be grateful for everything. Everything you are and have in your life.

You would see the beauty around you, hear the birds sing, feel the breeze over your face.

And in that moment you would be connected with the feminine, and the earth and all life , because there is no separation between you and all this.

You are life, you are the feminine, you are in your body as long as you stay here on this earth.

You need the air, the water, the soil. You need it so you can grow and stay alive.

In this state of being you are open to receive beacuse in this connection the channel for Divine love opens to flow in to your heart, and in receiving this Love you feel so grateful, and in your gratefulness you are opening up for more recieving and in this receiving you just want to give and share all this Love.

This is how it works when you are in balance with the universe.

This is how to start doing things with love, gratitude and inspiration instead of guilt, must´s and should´s.

In this state of being it is impossible to treat the earth with disrespect. It is impossible to treat any life and living being without respect and Love, because you understand and know that you are the same as that. You are also life and there´s no separation with you and any other life form.

The Love you feel for yourself you also feel for everything else.

Do you see now how this operates? Do you understand now how everything in the outer world is a reflection of the inner world? Do you see the bigger picture? Can you understand why we are so disrespectful of this planet and all life? 

Yes! It is because our lack of respect for ourselves, for the feminine within us and for the inbalance between the masculine and feminine within us, and at the same time Universe and the Law of balance it operates in.

We have to love and repect ourselves! It´s crucial for not just our own survival but for the whole planet.

If you find this hard. If you have trouble in doing so.

Just ask for help. Ask universe to help you know how to do this. Ask from your heart. Ask sincerely.

You must have a deep sincere heart felt wish in learning and knowing this, and the answers will come.

Universe is waiting for us to ask. It´s waiting for us to learn how to love ourselves, because then we are the Love we where meant to be and that are our true nature.

Everything else is just an illusion. 

With Love and hope for a planet that thrives including the human race