Serving the law of one



In this time we are in we are going to be exposed to many attemps of trying to keep us in darkness. The dark agenda desperately wants to hold their grip on us.

Where there is light this darkness needs and are going to search for something to feed it´s own lack of light. 

Be sure that your intention is to serve the Law of One. To serve God and not the ego claiming itself to be god. Be sure to serve your heart, to listen to your heart.

The heart will tell you the right way even though it can seem totally insane.

Even if it can seem as for others who still serves the old system that we are acting egoistic choosing our way despite of the collective.

When our ego comes in it wants us to have a discussion between right or wrong leaving us with guilt if we don´t serve it.

Be sure of that if guilt is involved in any way you are not serving the Divine. Be sure of if you are serving your ego or God.

The dark agenda has their servants coming with as it seems good intentions but hidden in veils of ownership and own agendas.

They  want their recruits so that they still can attain order as it has been. 

We are here to serve Mother Earth and all her life.

We are here to claim our sovereignty.

We are here to claim our own DNA and Christ Conciousness back to us so that we can create peace and balans on this Earth again.

Don´t let them fool you in any other direction.