It´s time for us to become our own Gurus


We cannot be healed from within from without. We need to go deep inside of ourselves to know that and to realize that all we need is to trust our inner wisdom and guidance.

We need to let go of that ego voice and instead set an intention and a statement for ourselves that the only voice we are going to listen to is the voice of our higher selves.

The voice that are continuous and tirelessly gagging, dividing and judging us isn´t the voice we should give any attention at all. We know what voice that is because it is never neutral.

It is never loving us unconditionally.

It is always dividig us in a better/lesser conscioussness.

It is never objective. 

If we instead choose to listen to our Divine self. Our higher selves voice, we will find a peace inside.

A knowing beyond learning. Insight and wisdom is in that place.

We can believe that others have the answers for what we need. That others always know better. Have the ability to heal us, to help us find what we are searching for so that we can find that peace within. But we will never be satisfied.

We will always continue searching, because the only place we can find that peace, that healing, those answers, are within. 

It makes me so sad to see how so many need to follow a leader, an authority figure.

We go to all those courses, classes, educations and so on, and we pay a lot of money for it too. We think that the best leader is one with a good education and certificate, but the truth is that they have only learned their knowledge from someone else. It´s not true knowledge.

True knowledge comes from within. It comes from the heart, not the mind.

It comes from a rememberance, an aha.

Because we already know everything.

We just forgot.

I can see this in my own journey with an awakened kundalini.

The kundalini is a lifeforce energy and as I see it, the breath of universe.

The breath of life, of mother earth.

It is a pulsating and contracting energy having it´s own intelligence. So for me it´s just to follow.

It shows me how to move, how to breath, when to rest and when to be active.

I´m amazed when I follow this energy and see how I do Yoga postures, mudras, tantric exercises, temple dance and so on just intuitively.

I don´t have to read a book about this and I don´t have to have a teacher showing me how.

It´s the opposite way. I follow my inner guidance and things happen naturally.

Then I can read a book just to realize what I´m doing in a human perspective so that I can explain it in words, because in that place are no words.

I was at a yoga place yesterday, (not for learning yoga but for a gong meditation), and I was so surpriced seeing this teacher learn out mudras, movements and breathing techniques to the class. The class followed nicely in everything he said. But this teacher taught things he had learned from another teacher. His skills didn´t come from inside his inner wisdom and experiencies.

So the thing was, that I didn´t feel comfortable at all in these exercises but instead i felt bound and locked.

I could also see that this way he was teaching the postures was not a female way of doing them, so after a while the women in the class started to have difficulties continuing doing them and possibly thought something were wrong about them. But it wasn´t.

The only wrong thing was that they didn´t trust themselves. They didn´t listen to how their bodies wanted to move from within. 

The thing is with yoga and many teachers, that the yoga is constructed from a male perspective and the teachers don´t know the imortance of that if the postures are going to have any meaning they must come from within. That´s how yoga was born.

From an inner wisdom and need.

From the bodies own intelligence in how to help the energy flow.

Especially the kundalini yoga that has become so popular.

How many teachers really know and have experience of the kundalini energy themselves? 

I think I myself and all others living with this energy showing us daily and hourly it´s wisdom posesses the greatest knowledge. But unfortenally people tend to trust them most with a solid education. 

I myself would never trust anyone who just read themselves into something.

For me experience and insights are far more important. 

I believe we all have the Guru inside of ourselves. We just have to be quiet and listen.

Listen to the right voice. The voice of our higher selves. The voice of Universal knowing.

The voice of God within. 

Save yourself both the money and time searching for answers.

You have them all within. 

Much Love