If you want to change the world


The world is only a reflection of how we are living our lives in our relation to ourselves. How we are treated by others are only a reflection of how we are treating ourselves.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Micro and macro cosmos.

Everything is connected and mirrored from ourselves. 

So how are we treated by others? Are we being treated with respect?

Are we valued for who we are? Are we listened to?

Are we seen? Are we heard? Are we loved?

Do we feel lesser than others/or better? Are we feeling as victims with no control to change things in our lives?

This is a reflection of how we see ourselves. How we are treating ourselves. 

Do we respect ourselves? Do we value ourselves? Do we listen to ourselves inner voice? Are we true to ourselves? Do we love ourselves unconditionally?

So let´s see how the world looks like. 

This world are controlled by leaders who want to have power and control. With domination, manipulation, greed, destruction and pollution.

A selfdestructing planet and way of living. We can say we are living in a big lie whith veils over our eyes so that we can´t really see the truth.

We are feeling as victims with no power and yet we are the ones who are putting the destructors into their position they are to continue this. 

The big cause of this is the lack of balance between the masculine and feminine.

The male wanting to dominate the feminine. To erase all the feminine with no respect, honor and not valuing it.

The earth is feminine. It nurtures us with all we need with an unconditional love and abundance of all for us to survive here. It never stops giving despite how it´s treated. It still gives. It´s nature is growth and life.

We are totally depended of this earth to survive here. And still we are destroying it all. 

We cannot survive without this earths gifts to us.

The male cannot survive without the feminine. That goes for all of humanity.

That goes for the leaders in this world too. They need the feminine to support them when they go out in their wars.

They need the feminine to look after their children when they are in their position as leaders.

They also need nurturing, caring and love when they come home.

They also need food, water and air to breath. Same as in our own relations.

They cannot keep their power if we don´t support it.

They cannot survive without the feminine.

In this world money is what are valued most. Nurturing and caring aren´t.

But as we can see it´s still needed by everyone. Even the people in power, their children, their mothers and fathers need to be taking care of.

That´s what the feminine does. So do we not have power then?

In the highest degree.

We just have to realize we have.


So now, let´s see how our relations look like again and why it´s so important to start with ourselves. 

When we start to value ourselves we come into another position.

We don´t accept being treated as we used to be.

We don´t see us as victims anymore. We see our value and importance.

We know we are needed and for this we deserve being treated with respect and appreciation. If we don´t, well then we don´t give it anymore.

In this way we can change the world.

Because our actions are reflected out to the world.  

We have the power together. Without the feminine the world can´t survive.

Our mother earth loves us but she also will be stronger if we are. If we put our foot down and say, "Now it´s enough!" She will too. She has the power to destroy everything if she wishes. She is more powerful than all of humanity. She has storms, tornados, fire, earthquakes, tsunamis if she wish.

So do we if we are not treated with respect.

We don´t need to be in a position of being better.

We just need to be in a position of being equal. We don´t need power over, but power with and together.

We don´t do this in hate but in love, because we know men loose in this game too they are playing. If we belive we are lesser than them we are playing this game also.

The victim/percecutor game.

We don´t want this anymore.

We are no victims if we know our value.

Our value doesn´t come from anyone else telling us we are valueable. We know it.

Even if we are told the opposite. 

So let us be strong togehter.

Let us support eachother.

Let us stand together in our greatness.

Let us start with ourselves!

 Let us do this in love.

Let´s change this world now!

I love you!