Guilt and its effect upon us


Guilt is so very deeply rooted in us. It is so deeply rooted in us and our day to day life that we seem to believe that it is normal to have it and we don´t reflect over how much energy it takes from us and how much of our joy in life it is stealing from us.

Guilt works in manipulating our minds to make us believe we "have" to do things.

This makes us in a never relaxing state of mode and ongoing stress kind of mode that something is always required of us.

Guilt takes away our ability to enjoy life and to be in the present moment just being us and living the lives we really want to live. It hides us from seeing ourselves having our birthrights as human beings on this earth to live as free and sovereign. 

Guilt is worry and doubt.

Guilt takes our freedom away.

It keeps us prisoned from breathing and seeing the beauty in life.

Guilt is used in a way of manipulate and to have things done the way we want things to be done. We use it on others too because this is the way this society have been working for eons of time.

This is what we are programmed into. This is the way the leaders and those in control use it. They want us to believe we need to be in service doing the job for them in their own purpose of having us as their slaves as workers, soldiers, citizens, wives, daughters, mothers and so on.

They know that the way to control us is by guilt and fear.

They want us to believe that as long as we keep them in power positions we will have access to to what we need in our lives. We believe they keep us safe, but instead it is the opposite.

Because of us being raised like this, in guilt, we create a space of emptiness within us that we try to fill with giving others guilt. It´s a feeling of never rest and always a feeling of never being ready. When one thing is done we search for the next one to do. When we have done everything in our list of "have to do" things we feel disoriental and confused and have this feeling of, something more has to be on my shoulder beacuse I cannot be worthy just relaxing and being. This is a "always have to do" mentality. "I have to" "I must".

But who decide this? 

Talking in terms of energy this is the male energy. To be productive, be in activity, never rest, and we can see how this comes from the patriarcal society we live in.

The male energy is to think. We believe that thinking and doing is going to solve our problems, but we never ever are going to be ready doing, because we always create new "doings".

We even begin doing the next thing of doing before the previous is done. In this way we never are in the present moment and this in turn keeps us from being balanced in our male and female energies and in our hearts wich is our tue nature that gives us access to the universal flow of never ending lifeforce energy and vitality.

Instead we live in this game of taking and stealing energy from eachother.

We believe others have the control of our lives.

We need to disconnect from this matrix of false believes and negativity. 

We need to understand that we have nothing to be guilty of. 

We are innocent. We are Love.

We need to understand that this is a programming that control our lives and keeps us from being and living as the sacred divine beings of unconditional love we really are.

This keeps us from accessing our higher selves, our higher minds and for us to live as manifesting beings of light and love.

We need to understand our birthrights of living each day in ease and grace.

In happiness, peace and joy. 

So stop now feeling guilty.

Get rid of all those false believes of that you are.

End all agreements and contracts you´ve made both conscious and unconsciously with yourself and other beings both in this life and previous lives, in all dimensions, realities, timeframes and spaces.

Create new ones.

New healthy, loving and nurturing ones.

Know you´re innocence.

Feel it. Feel it in your heart. Feel your inner little child.

Feel yout true U as a free being. Drop the weight you are carrying.

It´s not yours. It doesn´t belong to you.

Just drop it! Feel how light you are.

Feel how present you are. Feel how great you are. Feel how powerful you are.

Feel your divinity.

You are just you. And you are Love!

Much love and blessings