Breath of life


There is an in and out breath in everything.

The breath we breathes is vital for us to exist as human beings and follows us from our birth into this life and till it ends. Without our breath we cannot live. The breath is what keeps us alive.

The breath is something we take for granted and never give so much attention, but we should.

Through our breath we access our lifeforce energy.

Through our inbreath we expand, we breath in the universe, the heavenly energies, our soul, our higher selves, the etheric.

The outbreath helps us integrate this into the physical. We have to ground the etheric into earth and into our physical forms, because we are spiritual beings living here on earth. Our bodies is the home for our souls as long as we stay in them. How much of our soul we can integrate into our´physical bodies is essential for how long we can keep them alive.

The more pure we are, the more of our true selves, our higher selves we hold in our bodies the more lifeforce energy we can access and the more alive we feel because we are aligned with universe. Our breath follows this.

The more true we are to ourselves, the deeper we breathe.

Our in breath has to do with the feminine energy and how much we can allow ourselves to take in, to receive, and the outbreath has to do with the masculine and how much we can allow ourselves to let go of, to give.

We can feel this when we get stressed and nervous, wich has to do with us, our souls, not feeling comfortable in a situation. Our breath is telling us that we are not in alignment with our true selves and we react with breathing shallow and fast. Our whole bodies are getting tightened and tensed and our lifeforce energy can´t pass through us. When we continoue doing this, when we continue to not listen and feel, our bodies start to fade. They wither so to say. They get old. 

So now we can see of wich importance the breath has for us, and how important it is for us to be true to ourselves and to listen to what the breath has to say to us. 

This is our lesson here in our eartly lives. How much of ourselves do we want to embrace or how much of that wich is not our true selves do we want to carry within us that keeps us unaligned wit the universe and out true selves as a part of it?

When we allow ourselves to breathe deeply in and out through our bodies we also balance the masculine and feminine within us.

We breathe the universe through us. 

The more deeply we breathe and root ourselves into earth the higher up we can reach and align with our true selves,

and the higher consciousness we can access.

Through our inbreath we receive the masculine.

The masculine gives us through its out breath our inbreath,

and through our out breath we integrate the masculine/etheric into the physical/ feminine.

The feminine is breathing in the masculine through our out breath. 

They breath their breath in constanly syncronisity through us if we allow them to do so.

The deeper rooted we get the more close we can come to both our mother Gaia and Father heaven, and actually feel the universe and earths pulse and breath working trhough us as an contaction and expansion.

This is how nature works and we are a part of it as everything else.

This pulse brings life into form, as when we are giving birth to a baby.

The contraction and expansion is needed for giving birth.

The breath is our way to give birth to ourselves and to expand and reach higher and higher in consciousness for every breath we take. 

Our breath is a cycle within of many cycles. This is how the universe works.

 In and out. Contraction and expansion. In and out.

Both of them are needed for balance.

We have night and day, and we have our active awake life and we have our sleep.

We need rest to be able to be active. We have the moon cycles and we have the seasons. 

And these cycles continous outwards to be larger and larger cycles. We have cycles that span over 100 000 years, and we are now in the beginning of such a cycle. A cycle of 26 000 years. We can call this a spring cycle, where all are coming alive again after another 26 000 year cycle of sleep, (winter). This is what we call a new Golden age where we are going towards higher consciousness. We are starting to awake from a much deeper sleep than just our night sleep. We are stepping out of the dark ages and from a very low consciousness where we didn´t have access to our full DNA. Our DNA has been dormant within us during these times but are now waking up and activate within us, but this is another story and not something I will go more deeply into here.

I just wanted you to have a more bigger picture of it.

 So finally, I hope this makes any sense for you so that you can be more aware of your breath and the importance of it. I also hope you take good care of your breath and listen to what it has to say about how true to your self you are.

Nothing and noone is of more importance than yourself, so don´t carry around guilt for not being able to live up to others expectations of you. It´s not your problem.

If we all took good care of ourselves nobody else would have to do it for us, and it is our job to do it for ourselves. Nobody should be burdened with that heavy wight on their shoulder.

So throw off your luggage you´re carrying and


All my Love and blessings to you!