Are you standing in your power


When we are starting to reflect over all the times in our lives when we are giving away our power we can see that we are doing it in so many ways.

To live in duality and the victim/percecutor consciusness is one way of doing so. 

We can just look at us in our close relationships and the unspoken agreements we have with eachother.

As I myself has been living most of my life thinking "what´s wrong with me"? And my partners view instead has been, "what´s wrong with her"? Either way is a good way of thinking and believing and will never create a healthy relationship. I am taking the responsibility for another persons behavior and the other person is letting me doing so, never going to learn anything about himself.

Never going to learn to take responsibility for his own behavior.

And me helping him in not needing to do so.

I believe this is a very common thing for women to do beacuse of the supressed female energy over so long time in history that we believe it´s the truth. We believe that we are obliged doing so.

It comes from a deep rooted programming in us.

It is hard to describe this kind of game so to say playing out in our subconscious minds almost every moment in our lives. We are doing it without paying any attention to it but it is there in the settings always playing it´s role and making us loose a lot of our energy.

We believe that we have to live up to everyones expectations of us, and when they not are satisfied with how we react we believe it´s our fault and they believe the same. 

We believe somehow that we are having this obligation to fullfill everyone elsed needs exept for our own. We don´t want to hurt anyone and we don´t want anyone to be dissapointed with us. 


This game is played not only in our close relations but also in our society and the way we think we need to serve. The society has created a template of how we should be, think, react, behave and so on so that we will be "good" citizens. This has nothing to do with who we really are and what we really are here to do. We are taught to be victims and obey the masculine.

We are not victims.

We are creators, creating our own reality so let´s take us out of this game now once an forever. 

We have been afraid of the reactions and the consequences of saying no.

Saying "I don´t like this", "this doesn´t feel good", "I want to do this in my way", "I can´t prove why,

I just follow my instict and intuition", "I don´t want to have sex if I´m not feeling loved, seen and appreciatied for who I am", "showing my feelings is nothing I´m ashamed of, but instead proud of". 

This old way of living is now coming to an end as we raise our consciousness of who we are and the feminine energy rising. This way of living is not going to work anymore as women are becoming more aware of who they really are and standing up for their rights of being female.

This is going to surprice men because they can´t live and act as they are used to do.

It doesn´t work anymore.

They have to invite the feminine into their lives too and to honor it instead of condemn it.

It´s just a fact. 

This has nothing to do with blaming anyone. Blaming is only going to put us in a victim role again. We just have to wake up and stand up for ourselves.

Not taking responsibility for anyone elses reaction of who we are and what we say.

This is the way of stepping out of victimhood, leaving those relations based upon these false illusions of who we are. We are not only helping ourselves in this way but also the men who need to learn who they really are. We must accept and love ourselves as we are first. Then others can too. We can´t hide from ourselves anymore.

The feminine needs to come out of the closet. 

This is the way to balance, and we are not just helping ourselves and the men, but this is also reflecting out in the society and the world.

To change the world we must start in changing ourselves. 

So take the responibility for owning your energy. Standing in your truth. Knowing who you are.

Not blaming anyone for having taken it away from you. It´s you who have given it away.

Just know you don´t have to do this anymore. When we do this from our inner knowing we don´t feel afraid of the reaction anymore and the reaction is not going to be as is used to be because we don´t expect it to any longer.

We only want balance. We only want to be equals.

We only want to end the game of duality and separation.

We want to create healthy relationships built upon trust, honesty and respect for who we are. 

In this way we start to live from our hearts and can create our own energy instead of taking it from eachother.

This is living in our power.

From the torus field of our hearts and unlimited energy and power. 


Love You!