A new paradigm


Let us imagine our lives as we would like to live them and questioning everything that are keeping us from doing so.  

Let us imagine the world we would like to live in and see that this is the world we can create together with our intention, vibration and love.

Let us all take our resonsibility as creators of our own realities and be the creators of this new paradigm where no suffering no longer can exist.

Where all we wish for ourselves we also wish for everyone else.

Where we, the caretakers and protectors of this planet are those who are worthy of living here as free and sovereign beings in the knowing that we cannot own this earth and in this knowing we feel deep respect and appreciation of all that our mother earth givs us so freely and abundant every day in our lives.

Let us all be the protectors of all life here on earth.

Let us create a world of love, peace and abundance together.

Let us no longer accept any other gods than ourselves and know that we all are these gods from our highest I am presence.

Let us all see and understand that our egos has created this false believes in us about separation and duality, comparison, competition and that we either are better or lesser than others.

Let us all see that through duality we cannot thrive.

We cannot love ourselves without conditions and in that way we cannot love others without it.

Let us all end the old matrix of duality. It doesn´t work. We all know it.

Let us imagine a world without the misuse of power and the greed this duality creates that are causing so much suffering in this world.

Let us all step out of that old way of living and create our paradise here on earth.


Because we are all One.

Love Mia