Manifest - The New Woman


Manifesto ~ The New Woman


This is a manifest created for you you wants to make an agreement and pact with yourself where you honor the new woman inside yourself.

It is created so that you can feel a strength and power as a woman and also to give a feeling of community and togetherness with likeminded women who shares this standpoint.

It can also be an aid for you in relations you have with others wher you don´t feel respected, tolerated, appreciated or seen for who you are.

You can print out this manifest via the button further down this page to bring with you and show others who need a better understanding of who you really are.

The New Woman also exists as a facebook group.

Welcome to join here if you not already have done so.

Much Love 


The New Woman

The new woman knows her value

She doesn´t buy into the madness that she would be inferior to men.

The new woman is whole. She does not need external validation to know her value and who she is.

She knows who she is. From within!

The new woman is not looking for answers outside of herself.

Her answers comes from inside herself.

She values ​​her wisdom.

She values ​​her tenderness, her softness and her innocence.

She values ​​her body.

She values ​her sexuality.

She values ​​her voice.

She values ​​her commitment, her care, love and the work she perform,

even if no one else does.

If she doesn´t get appreciation for this she leaves, because she knows her value within herself.

She doesn´t take any shit!

She doesn´t accept being degraded or humiliated.

She doesn´t accept being considered inferior to anyone else.

She doesn´t accept being seen as an object, someones belonging or property.

She doesn´t need outside confirmation of what she knows is right.

She doesn´t have to explain herself. She just knows.

It is not important that everyone agrees.

She dares to remain in her own wisdom even if she is dumbfounded, ridiculed, mocked or ironized.

She knows

She knows

She knows

We women are mothers not only to our children but also to our earth and all life that lives here.

We feel it within our bodies

We feel it in our soul.

Our nature is to be natural, to follow our hearts, our cycles, because we are a part of all cycles.

We honor our lunar cycle.

We honor our motherhood.

We honor and respect our sexuality.

We honor and respect our bodies, our intuition and feelings.

We honor our femininity.

We do not try to adapt and become like men to fit in and please others.

We dare to be uncomfortable because we know we have each other.

We do not need to be afraid of being excluded, thrown out and expelled, because we take care of each other.

We are all sisters and equal in our knowledge of our worth.

Are You that New Woman?

 # iamthatnewwoman

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