Dans för själen


Welcome to visit my youtube channel for more dance inspiration

I hope I can inspire you to dance and move as your body tells you.

Dance with your heart ~ not with your brains

Your bodies keep a deep widom inside.

The only thing you need is to go within and listen.

It´s not about how it looks, but how it feels.

Use your body to express all what needs to be expressed so that you can become free from your limitations.

I hope I can inspire you to find your true selves within and move intuitively with grace in harmony with life.

Love Mia



"Simply breath taking to watch moving art ..Wow..Mia You are Amazing.

You Inspire me to.move and open myself to new levels of pleasure and expanse which I haven't always found easy.This genuinely encourages me to move and stretch and connect with Divine sensuality"


You´re Energy !

Cultivate your energy!

Own your space! Ground !!!

Stay connected to LIFE!

Be grateful for everything you are!

BREATH! Remember, -You are ENERGY!

Dancing in balance with Life

No matter how unbalanced this world is I choose to be balanced within.

I choose freedom no matter what others choose. I am free within and no one can take that freedom away from me.

I am greatful for being able to be greatful for everything

I have in life and my connection to everything that is alive. I am greatful for everything that has life and everyone who choose to live the life they want to live and not the life others are telling them to live.

Lets create a new world in balance with life instead of the opposite! 💗

Divine Union ~ A Place Within

I want to share my experience of Divine Union. It was a magical moment of understanding who I am and who I always have been. A place of unconditional love, peace, freedom and all I ever wished for and more. I hope that through this video you also are going to find that place within.

An invitation to the Divine masculine

An invitation for the Divine masculine to stand beside All women in this world and to start listening, cooperate and respect and honor what the feminine has to say and the wisdom it holds for this world and the life it brings to it.

Dancing with Tara

In short, om tare tuttare ture soha means “I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious Ones.”

We usually think of om tare tuttare ture soha as Green Tara’s mantra, although sometimes it is used as the main mantra for all the Tara’s.


Om Primordial Sound, Infinite,

Tare Divine Mother who liberates from suffering

Tuttare One who eliminates all fears

Ture One who grants all successes

Soha May the blessings of this mantra take root in our hearts

Dancing with the Elements

and Love to all Life

This dance is a prayer and vision for a New Earth where humanity lives from their hearts in balance and harmony with all Life. In honor, gratitude and deep respect for our nature that shows us all her beauty, trees and plants breathing their breath for us and nurturing us unconditionally. To the animals here to teach us how to live in harmony with nature and from our hearts.

Let us all become free by freeing them! To the air that fills our lungs and the water that cleanses us and extinguishes our thirst.

I ground this vision into Mother Earth for it to become manifested. Let us all do the same!

So be it!

Fun Yoga Dance on the Floor

This is my way of doing yoga. It is a more fun and feminine way of doing it all intuitively and din sync with life.

It is grounding and opens up root chakra and hips and also strengthen the upper body.

The female energy moves in curves and this feels like a more natural and fun way doing yoga for me.

I embrace and listen to the rythm inside of me and how my body wants to move in a flowing way instead of in fixed postures as in traditional yoga.

Divine Woman


To all Divine women!

Find your inner strength, beauty and wisdom inside. Dance yourself free from all pain, guilt and suffer. You are beautiful no matter what other say and so much needed in this crazy world. Dance away all frustration and fill yourself with power and strength. Then we can change the world together. A world filled with love, freedom and beauty

Heartbeat of Gaia


We need to come back to nature. To feel the nature.

To take care of nature, appreciate it and understand that everything we need is there for us.

The beauty, the healing energies, and herbs.

Feel her hearbeat, dance the beat! 

Twist and Shake


Twisting the body releases a lot of tensions in the hips and pelvis. And it´s fun too !

Just let your body be loose and follow

Womb Dance

In my dancing I work with the energy in my womb.

The dance starts spirals of energy that heals.

Both myself and the earth.

So dance is important.

Dance inuitive.

Feel the music in your body and just move as it want to !

Balancing with Arcturian frequencies


Bringing in the Arcturian frequencies for balance between the female and male energies.

Connecting and integrating the heavenly male energies from above and grounding them into earth.

Allowing the earthly energies to flow back up through the body so they can merge togehter into balance.

In this way you do not only help yourself heal and come into balance but also you help this planet in the same way. After eons of time of unbalance on this planet the time has finally come where we have the opportunity for this sacred union where we can create harmony, peace and compassionate love for all people on earth.

A prayer and invocation for Earth & Humanity ~ Weaving Dream into Life

As Lightworkers we cannot bring our dreams into reality without grounding them into earth. We must put our feet down, connect and take place here in the knowing that everyone who are here with the intention to support life are the ones that are here to do so.

Not the opposite.

The more we ground our dreams we weave them into form so they can become real and alive.

For me it is always an interaction between spirit and earth, and me as either a part of it or not. It´s a choice.

We are always supported if we can keep this connection open and it is gratitude and respect that keeps us in this spiral of Life.

It is hard for me to explain my prayer in words but I hope you can feel and sense the meaning of it and I also hope you will join me in the way that feels right for you.

In deep gratiitude for Earth and its Life.

We are one.

Love and blessings 💗


Connection ~ Lightweaving to deep disco House music

Detatching from the 3D world. The 3d world are becoming more and more crazy each day. Until we take a decision to not participate anymore within that reality another one is there for us. We just have to deside. What are we willing to give ourselves? How do we want to live? Do we want others to be authorities in our lives or do we want to take control over our lives and become our own authorities? I am my own authority in my life and I am a free being living on this earth as a soul, connected to the Divine.


Dancing with Kali

Kali is present in this dance and is a great teacher and friend who helps us kick out everything that doesn´t belong to the true essens of our being. She is roaring within us to transform all ignorance into enlightenment. She is the embodiment of Mother Nature, the goddess of life, death, transformation, destruction, endings and beginnings.

I hope this video will inpire you to find your Kali within.


Healing the Feminine

A prayer for the masculine to know the Divine aspect of istelf and an invitation to merge with the Divine feminine so that a divine marriage can be created between these to polarities. The masculine nature is to protect the feminine and not the opposite that has been the case for a very very long time.

Connecting to the Feminine


Honor the Earth

Honor all Life

Honor the Feminine

Honor Yourself

Pray for Balance

Pray for Peace

Pray for Freedom

Within and Without


Stretch with pleasure ~ To open up the flow of prana

This is a wonderful way to stretch your body with pleasure.

It´s a very feminine relaxed and gentle way of doing it. Just relax and breath out everything that feels tight and tensed and allow yourself to breath in your soul and softness and kindness into every cell of your body. Breath out through your legs and feet, arms and hands and out through your neck and head. Breath in through your base chakra, head and heart. Fill your body with the True essence of yourself. Breath out everything that doesn´t belong to the True U.

Have a wonderful time on the floor with just You.

Blessings and good luck ~ Mia


Be Wild


Find the wild inside you! Let the dance set you free!


We all have passion inside of us.

Do not let anyone take your passion away.

Passion is power

Soul Dance


Let the music decide how your body want to express itself to it. Connect your soul to your body and let the mind be silent and the soul decide what it needs to express.

Let the breath come naturally so that blockages can be released.

Allow the dance to heal you.

A Gift of Love ~ From my Heart to Yours


A gift of love from me to you! Remember that you are precious!

See the beauty around you. It´s always there, but sometimes hard to see when we are hard to ourselves. Let go of all judgement and forgive yourself. Let us live from our hearts and have faith in universe. Universe lives within. We are Universe.